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       Buona Cucina Homestyle Crushed Tomatoes and Italian Peeled Tomatoes
For real authentic tomato flavour, Buona Cucina tomatoes are the tomatoes to use. In Australia we usually use round tomatoes. These tomatoes are usually firm and a lighter colour, not soft and a deeper red. Some also contain a higher level of acidity. Italian roma or sumarsano tomatoes are not firm, but soft and a redder colour.
This means they are very ripe. They also have a lower level of acidity, making them more tasty and very full of flavour…
The tomatoes in the Buona Cucina range are from the South of Italy, the best regions for tomatoes. Buona Cucina Homestyle Crushed Tomatoes are great in casseroles, on pizza bases and superb for your homemade pasta sauce, giving a true authentic Italian taste to your sauce. Convenient to use, with a ring pull top. So make sure you use Buona Cucina Homestyle Crushed or Italian Peeled Tomatoes, in all of your dishes, to add that true authentic Italian taste.
Available from Coles, Foodland and most deli’s. 
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