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Backseat Buddy

Backseat Buddy not only protects your cars value it also transforms it into a comfortable cleaner and safer environment for your pet to travel in. The unique hammock design reassures restless nervous pets by covering the foot well and providing a barrier to the front seats. The soft quilted inserts comfort your pet while protecting your back seat from pet hair, drool and dribbles, even dirt and mud.
The Backseat Buddy comes in a range of sizes small, medium, large, extra large and jumbo with one to suit every vehicle. It has machine washable zip out inserts with waterproof backing. The Backseat Buddy is quick and easy to install and remove from the car. You can also unzip and remove half of the backseat buddy to accommodate a passenger.
For listed stockists please call Pet Avenue on 1300 738 283 or visit
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