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Chillin Out Apparel

Chillin Out Apparel supply the widest range of personal cooling products available for dogs, horses and even we humans.
The Silver Eagle Outfitters Evaporative Coooling Vest for dogs are made from patented three layer material called Hydroweave this provides excellent cooling for up to 8 hours.
To activate the cooling process immerse the jacket in water before it on your dog, this charges the middle layer fibres with a mix of air and water to provide an ideal environment for evaporation.
When the jacket is put on heat passes from the body into the fabric where the evaporation process begins, ultimately offering cooling relief for your dog.
Silver Eagle garments are easy to activate, light weight and comfortable to wear providing excellent heat relief to your pets.
Available in small, medium and large in navy blue and lime/yellow brilliant for walking in evening or at dawn, matching ones for yourself are also available for purchase.
For orders or more information visit or call 07 3886 8541.
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