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Clementine Design

Clementine Design sleepwear and robes is a collection of quality, affordable, unique sleepwear and leisure wear with a distinctive Australian touch.
Clementine Design this season have sourced some beautiful new fabrics in luxurious Cotton Velour, French Terry and Wool Blends to expand their very extremely popular Sueded Micro Polar Fleece Robes, these are deliciously light and warm yet feminine and wearable, absolutely no 
pilling occurs on any of their fleece garments showing the quality of there garments and the Clementine Wooden Toggles trademark feature is also available.
Pure Cotton is still the preferred choice for most of their woven pyjamas and nighties as it breathes well and is a dream to wear. Cotton Velour has also been introduced for those who prefer a winter look and feel without being too warm.
Clementine Design Silk fabrics with beautiful lustre and finish now include coffee and chocolate silks and a classic black nightie and pyjama with cream embroidery. Also a full-length silk robe included in the range.
Light and soft Rayon Knits with a touch of Lycra provide amazing comfort in lounging sets and long sleeved nighties also the cosy “snug boot” now available to the fleece slipper range.
Clementine Design available at or call toll free 1800 336 153.
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