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        Caring home euthanasia for Dogs and Cats.
        Qualified Veterinarian Dr Marie de Lint 0447 344 003                                                           
Having to euthanise your absolute best friend is, in many cases, possibly one of the hardest things you may have to do. It certainly was for me. I hope this helps with your decision. 
My best friend was a German shepherd named Brandy who was with me 24/7 for most of her life, even going to work with me most days. We were inseparable where I was she was. She could even tell what our day involved by the clothes and shoes I was wearing.
Brandy was 15 and almost completely deaf when she received her angel wings. We both learnt sign language that she understood .When she couldn’t see me I would clap instead of calling, a different tone that most times she could hear. Her sight was also fading. However, the biggest problem was her back legs. For well over a month I struggled day and night trying to come up with all sorts of answers, trying to convince myself that she was still ok and we could continue on. 
I knew I could no longer make excuses when she couldn’t even put her front paws up to help me lift her. I was beside myself… however my total love for this most beautiful dog gave me the courage to do what I must, for both of us. There was nothing I, or anyone else could do to keep us together, she was just old, and while her mind was fine, her body was very tired. 
Marie from Let me Go came highly recommended from vets and various professionals that knew of my plight .I called her on the Friday morning, knowing that if I had to wait until tomorrow or the next day I would lose my courage no matter how hard I tried .
Marie came that same morning and was the most beautiful human being, sharing such a heart wrenching time with two souls who were inseparable. Time was not rushed, Brandy was very relaxed and comfortable with Marie as she came to know and trust her. Sometime later, I can’t remember exactly how long, my absolute best friend lied very relaxed on my lap on the floor and when sound asleep,  unbeknown to her she slipped away from my arms to become one of gods beautiful angels.  I know one day in the future she will return to me brand new. 
If you are faced with such a heart wrenching decision and unfortunately,  many  of us with animals  are , please give Marie a call, and make your final time together so very beautiful and totally dignified. 
It has taken a little time for me to be able share my very personal story with you but hopefully it helps with your decision ……
Thanks so very much Marie
 Carole and Brandy.  
Call LetMeGo Dr Marie de Lint on 0447 344 003 or visit
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