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Cottee's Cordial    Cottee's - The Australian market leader in cordial .

This incredible companies products, just get better and better. Just when we thought they've got as good as they can get, they launch a product like Cottee's NEW Jug Pack Cordial. Speaking of cordial, did you know that 230 million litres of cordial is drunk a year? That is equivalent to 1.1 billion glasses of cordial. That's amazing! To help satisfy that demand Cottee's have introduced a two litre cordial jug pack - just in time for the summer season. The new pack is uniquely shaped in a good looking bottle - with lots of functional benefits... For example the neck, this is to reduce sticky drips. There is a large easy grip handle for easy pouring. A slim shape to fit into small places. And for 
convenience, the jug pack is designed to fit in the household fridge door. Also on the bottle is a line to show you where to fill it to, so that when you refill it you don't make the cordial too strong or too weak. Then all you have to do is pop it into the fridge and presto, chilled cordial. And most importantly, Cottee�s Cordial still has all of it�s great flavours to choose from.
For more information on the NEW Cottee's Jug Pack Cordial, visit their website at,
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