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Dremel Cordless Stylus

Designed with our needs in mind, the Dremel has been created to comfortably fit our hand and our lifestyle.
This ergonomic, multi purpose tool is perfect for any number of different applications around the home such as drilling, finishing, intricate sanding, polishing, cleaning, engraving and much more. Brilliant for polishing Silver and jewellery and imagine being able to do your own engraving and detailed drilling for all those craft projects.
The Dremel features a unique contoured grip and variable speed selection for superior precision and control in a variety of materials and applications, and has a finger tip on off switch for one handed operation.
Compact and lightweight the Dremel is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which holds a single charge for up to 2 years.

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Duro Designs Cots

Duro Designs is an innovative Australian company that has truly taken cot designs to a new level. Made using only Australian Steel, Duro Designs Cots help to look after our environment by affectively reducing the destruction of Australian Native Forests.
Duro Designs Anna Cot has a classic design, which brings back elegance and style to baby’s bedroom. Not only does it look stylish and elegant, it is sturdy, secure and with an adjustable base, it allows you to fix it to two heights, which makes putting baby to bed, a breeze.

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Early Learning Centre.

Early learning centre’s wonderful range of high quality educational toys that make learning fun. There are hundreds of beautiful toys for newborns to seven year olds, that all have to meet the following 3 criteria, will a child learn, will a child have fun, will a child be safe.
For babies there are toys to suit each stage of their development, from soft toys to cuddle, to a full range of activity toys to wooden classics. One of our favourites, the Blossom Farm Activity Ring, a comfy inflatable ring with 4 Animal activities to keep little ones entertained and in one spot, semi-inflated for newborns to lie in or fully inflated for older babies.

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                                       Eco Bag

Young or newly planted trees and shrubs need adequate water supply to the root system and in many cases continuous water over the first few vital summer months for survival. Watering by hand can be time consuming and often a waste of time, water and money, not so with the brilliant Eco Bag.
Named the invention of the decade by Country Life Newspaper, the Eco Bag is an automatic watering system that drips water into the roots of a plant or tree, over an extended period and fully proven to provide an adequate controlled water supply to new and established trees. Allowing us to simply fill and forget great for everyday and a brilliant convenient solution when on holidays.

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Eden Seeds

With many preferring healthier alternatives, trying to buy and eat organic vegetables, which is often at higher prices, Eden Seeds allows us to grow our own vegetables with naturally organic and biodynamic grown seeds.
In 1987 Queenslander Alf Finch turned his hobby of saving the old traditional open pollinated vegetable varieties into a family business for distribution via mail order. 
His hope was to make rare and endangered vegetable varieties which were being replaced by new and hybrid varieties, affordable and available.
Today Alf and his staff produce an 80-page colour catalogue with 1200 varieties, where seeds are packed and sent to home gardeners, commercial producers and over 300 retailers. 
Eden seeds are called open pollinated because they allow natural pollination by wind, bees and insects. 
Alf says these varieties are hardier, easier to grow tastier and more nutrious.

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Elastoplast Silverhealing.

Elastoplast Silverhealing is an innovative new range of plasters and dressings that harness the natural antiseptic power of silver to provide wounds with immediately and powerful protection from infection.
Silver has been used for centuries as a natural infection fighter, it promotes the natural wound healing process by destroying and minimising the spread of germs.

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      376a Unley Road 

      Unley Park. 83322966

Unwanted hair is a nightmare for both the young and old. How do we get rid of it should we wax shave /all having terrible long term Effects.
Having been a client of Dora the owner of The Electrolysis Clinic for over 20 years I really speak from experience when I recommend as a true 10 out of 10 clinic.
Dora has studied extensively thru out her years – and even lectures to doctors and specialists on hair removal.

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Elgae Indoor Outdoor Furniture

Elgae Indoor Outdoor Furniture has been Adelaide’s leading outdoor specialists proudly serving South Australia for over 27 years.
Elgae has one of the largest ranges of quality outdoor furniture in Adelaide, with styles ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. They also stock sunloungers, garden swings, benches and hammocks as well a huge range of readily available outdoor umbrellas.
While browsing their extensive showroom and the fireside shop, you'll be impressed with their unique giftware, plaques, entertainment 

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Elite Pool Covers

Approved SPASA member, Elite Pool Covers have offices all over Australia including Adelaide and offer one of the largest ranges available they were also the first to have the smart approved water mark in Australia which is guaranteed to save water.
Elite Pool Blankets stop 95 to 97% of water evaporation and made from Deep Blue Superbubble for better heat retention and insulation than standard blankets.

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As most parents are aware and even research has shown, children consider having to have a needle as the most traumatising and quite often the most painful thing about visiting the doctor, they are more than likely to retain their fear of needle even if it is unjustified.
Thanks to Emla, there’s now a way to help relieve that distress and pain. Emla is an easy to use patch or cream, that’s applied to the skin at home prior to going to the doctor.

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