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Emmaline's Country kitchen 

Emmaline’s Country Kitchen a South Australian owned and operated company was born in the Adelaide Hills in 1996 when owners Susan and Andrew Horwood realised due to so many having busy lifestyles there was a real need for fresh home-style baked products like our mums used to make.
After selling out of their initial run of Nutloaves in one day the pair spent the next few years outgrowing a number of premises before continued success forced them to a much larger location where they remain today in the Heritage Listed Onkaparinga Woollen Mills .
Emmaline’s product range is now found in over 1500 outlets in Australia ranging from the large supermarkets, to the gourmet coffee shops and so many others.
The reason people keep buying this companies products is because they really are first class using real fresh ingredients butter not margarine, eggs not egg powder, no premixes just like our Grans or mums. 

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The EnvirOmower is a cordless battery rechargeable mulch and catch lawnmower designed to make life easy and look after the environment.
Are you sick of pulling that cord to try and start your noisy smelly heavy polluting petrol lawnmower? If so, the EnvirOmower is the new lawnmower for you.

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Epson Picturemate 500

The Epson Picturemate 500 is a stand-alone photo lab no need for a computer, simply print photos directly from your digital camera, memory card or compatible camera phone.
The clear, bright 2.4” colour LCD screen allows us to view our photos, zoom in and enlarge detail and choose the photos we want to print. Picturemate photos have more colour and last longer than those you get printed at a store, create borderless prints, in six vivid long lasting colours, black and white or sepia tone for a special effect.

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Evercare for Pet Hair.

Evercare has developed a brilliant practical range of affordable, easy to use and effective pet hair removal products, to help us deal with this problem.
The Evercare Pet Hair Pic-Up rolls over virtually any surface and instantly removes pet hair, dust and even dirt. Great for furniture, clothing, upholstery, floors, car interiors and more. No more moving pet hair around, sticky tape literally picks up the pet hair in its path and hangs onto 

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MARISA BUETI  Mob:0403 439 128

Finding the right person to do the book work that you need to be done –is an art in itself,

I met Marisa about 15 years ago where she began working with Mara and still does -and have had a very close association with her ever since.

I am ok at Maths and can enter a certain amount into MYOB but from there on its left to the expert Marisa. Marisa came to the Top Spot office each month and reconciled our accounts did our Bass statements checked we were doing everything correctly, if not showed and advised how and what we needed to do.

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Excellence in Motoring Group

Metro Holden, Plaza Holden and Metro HSV. 
Buying a new car can be a very important investment so finding the right car and the right people is a priority. Metro Holden was by invitation part of Top Spot Online Television for a number of years. I personally purchased two new cars from them, one before our request and one after, which I still own so I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Metro Holden were able to change the perception of many females that we could be intimidated by sales people when trying to buy a new or used car. They recognised at least 50% of buyers were females on their own, if not on their own also certainly having the final decision in most family situations.

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Ezy Fix

Ezy Fix – true economical DIY product range –that can also be used by Plumbers.
Specially designed to fit existing “below counter” Plumbing – with no expensive pipe work necessary to be carried out by a licensed plumber.

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Ezy Nappy

Ezy Nappy is a re-useable shaped cloth nappy, incorporating absorbent wadding and breathable waterproof and fleece lining, which draws moisture away from baby's skin into the absorbent layers. You'll find Ezy Nappy fast drying, virtually stain proof and extremely easy to care for as any mess just slides right off.
Ezy Nappy comes in fantastic fashion colours and is adorable, easy with no pins, pilchers or wraps. It even fastens at the rear that prevents baby from removing the nappy easily.

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Fellowes Office Cleaning Range

With a reputable history of providing innovative and quality workspace products, remember the name Fellows for the care of all your valuable electronic equipment like computer screens, digital cameras and even your CD/DVDS. Fellowes cleaning products are specifically designed to prevent the spread of users bacteria, reduce headaches, eye strain and of course minimise faults and breakdowns of the equipment meaning they last long and save repair and servicing costs.

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A brilliant invention for all nursing Mums with the very stylish and practical Glamourmom Nursing Tank, the Glamourmom top features a bra, a tank and a nightshirt in one.
Nursing Mums often feel anything but glamorous constantly providing their baby with virtual nutrition is great, but breastfeeding is often difficult to do discreetly and easily.

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