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A&D Medical Blood pressure monitor

Today sees us all far more educated in looking after our health and one thing that is really being pushed home is having ones blood pressure monitored.

In the past it was always something that we usually only had done when we went to the Doctor and for many it still is. Thanks to Blood pressure Education and companies like A & D Medical we can now keep a close eye on our Blood pressure from the comfort of our own home.

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A&D Medical Instant Read Ear Thermometer

A&D has been manufacturing quality health care products for over 20 years and are committed to providing you, and your family with monitoring devices, that are designed specifically for high accuracy and ease of use.

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used cars AdelaideAA Family Motors

Phone 83494000
Fax     83495445
Another South Australian success story.
Buying a car can be a stressful time for many –- so many questions go around in your head,  Where do I go who do I see –How do I know I am not buying someone else’s problems – what if something goes wrong . Can I have an RAA inspection – can I trust the car salesman .Can I browse without being hassled.
Let me give you a little insight to why I have recommended before you buy a car or even look anywhere else go and see one of the team members at AA Family Motors.

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Aerobed has all the pluses and is the perfect solution for overnight guests, unexpected sleepovers, holiday homes and caravans.
Aerobed inflates in under 60 seconds with its own built in 240v pump and deflates in 15 seconds, using its own hand held comfort control, then when no longer required it simply stores away in its own compact carry bag. The Aerobed is one amazingly comfortable bed providing both hosts and guests with a really enjoyable nights sleep.
The Premier Classic Aerobed has unique Quadra Coil construction for comfort and support and includes a thick washable mattress cover. It’s easy to set up and so convenient.

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Phone: 8228 0007 Mob: 0422 265 814

I sincerely hope you or your family members never have need of Alex’s services – but as experience shows life is not always that simple. Alex Lazarevich is in my opinion is an exceptional Barrister and I do speak from firsthand experience, he was my Barrister in a property dispute trial initially in the Magistrates court and then the Supreme Court. I wish to mention again, it was a property dispute not a criminal case   (don’t want you to think I broke the law) .His research, very approachable manner (in no way intimidating) and being  extremely easy to talk to, instantly puts you at ease  knowing he is on your side.

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  Anchors Lion Scones and Cake Mix

Anchor Foods began operations in 1854 in Adelaide and celebrates 150 years of trading this year.
The company continues to build on its fine traditions of integrity and reliability, bringing to you trusted baking mixes under the 'Lion' brand.
For traditional scones like mum makes use the Lion range of scone mixes, in Classic or Real Pumpkin, still the same trusted quality, only now in new packaging under the Lion Brand. All we have to do is add milk or water stir and bake, for the most delightful rounded scones.

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angelcare logo

          Angelcare baby Monitors


My family researched everything to do with safety when expecting their first child and chose the Angelcare monitor for both their children, we as the grandparents also had our own set. The peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that if there is a problem, you will know about it within 20 seconds.
We used ours until they went into their own big bed .I remember hearing this piecing sound and raced into the nursery, my granddaughter had learnt how to put the side down and climb out of the cot ,meaning there was no movement and we were alerted. To us as Grandparents having experienced firsthand the brilliance of Angelcare’s sound and movement monitor gave us such reassurance when having the little ones. 

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Aqua Socks

The Aqua Socks are a must for every family member. You can walk so comfortably both in and out of the water confidently with out the hassle of watching where you walk or burning you feet on the hot sand or concrete. Walking in the water is also a breeze with Aqua Socks as the soles of the shoes have amazing grip, which makes them great for boats and no more crabs or critters bitting you on the toes.
They are very easy to put on, fitting snugly which keeps most of the sand out. Aqua Socks are so very practical and affordable under ten 

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Aunty Kath’s Cookie Dough


Aunty Kath’s Cookie Dough is based on a traditional home style recipe that unlike many others, uses fresh ingredients like real eggs and butter and real cocoa and choc chips for that true home bake taste.
Aunty Kath’s Cookie dough takes all the fuss and most of the mess out of making cookies, all we do is slice the dough to whatever size cookie we like, then pop them on an oven tray and bake. Another huge plus you can make your cookies to suit your taste, chewy or crunchy.
With a little supervision, getting the kids to make Aunty Kath’s Cookies is an excellent way to keep them occupied and sitting down to eat them gives them a real feeling of achievement. 
Aunty Kath’s Cookie Dough is available in Chocolate Chip, M & M’s and now a Gluten Free Choc Chip, which is great for those who are gluten intolerant and wish to indulge in a traditional favourite.
Available in the dairy case of Coles and Woolworths for more information or great recipes contact Jensen’s by visiting



               Aussie Mite

Aussie Mite another of South Australia’s success stories founded on the values of supporting Australian made and owned 
Aussie Mite is the first Australian Owned and Made Yeast Extract since the 1960’s
Aussie Mite is the first Australian Yeast Extract to add vitamin B12, which is seen to be vital for the normal function of the brain and nervous system. 
Aussie mite is a delicious savoury spread made from only the finest ingredients including non-GM Australian corn – rich in Vitamin B, B12 and folic acid gluten free endorsed by Coeliac Australia, vegan friendly no added salt nuts artificial colours or preservatives .All ingredients are GM free just as nature intended.

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