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Body Sensitive
Universal Brands has introduced their Body Sensitive range of bath and body care, to cater to the ever growing demand for products for our families that are free from pesticides, petrochemicals or any form of nasties.

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Boost Foods

Most are aware of the importance of feeding your babies nutritious food, unfortunately busy lifestyles means we can not always cook fresh homemade food for every meal and that's where Baby Boost can help.
Baby Boost is the first fresh, all natural baby food sold in Coles and Woolworths in convenient ready to eat single serve portions. This innovative delicious range of meals for babies 6 months and over are based on homemade recipes, using only wholesome ingredients with absolutely no compromise on nutrition.

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Brauer Natural Medicine

The Brauer family established a pharmacy in the Barossa Valley in 1929 and to this day is still Australian owned and committed to providing quality, natural medicines and services to its customers.
Brauer have created an entire range of baby products that are made with natural ingredients. Brauer nappy rash relief cream is a natural product that provides fast relief from the painful sting of nappy rash.

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Briggs & Stratton and Shingu

Shingu are a Japanese manufacturer of high quality line trimmers, brushcutters and hedgetrimmers with over 40 years experience.
Shingu realise that cheap price pointed machinery is often flawed by hard to start engines and components which break, creating a miserable experience for the user.
Shingu are different, they design and build quality, safe, easy to use, reliable, equipment.
The SR2100L Brushcutter is light weight, easy to start and well balanced making it ideal for we ladies and even our senior citizens, girls too can trim and maintain their gardens without hassles, without depending on others or paying for their service.

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Brilliant Babies

A new Australian DVD that your child will love guaranteed. Packed with fun and educational features, playtime is a DVD your Child will enjoy watching again and again. The secret is in the way its music and images have been specifically designed to appeal to babies and toddlers.
Children love learning with playtime, it helps develop speech, reading, problem solving skills, demonstrates how to do simple tasks, is fun to watch, easy to use and provides great value for money as it is watched time and time again.
The Brilliant Babies DVD is available from Myer or by calling 1300 721 743.
The Playtime CD and colourful Australian Animal Prints are part of the Brilliant Babies Range and are available through their website you have to check it out at


Brita Water Filter on Tap System 

You cannot go past Brita for simplicity, ease of use, effectiveness and affordability. It is the ultimate filter for performance and value.
It simply screws on to the end of your tap, no tools and no plumber needed.
You then flick the lever to select tap water or filtered water the little electronic monitor will tell you if the filter is still goog or if it needs changing. To change the filter simply press the button and out it pops and then click in the new one.

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Brito Baby Wonder Wrap


The Australian made Baby Wonder Wrap securely and comfortably wraps baby into a peaceful nights sleep. Wrapping is a well known form of settling your baby as it helps replicate the security and comfort they felt in their mothers womb and prevents babies from waking themselves with jerky arm and leg movements known as the startle reflex. It is recommended babies be wrapped with their hands up near their face in a more natural position but with most wraps their hands eventually become free resulting in a more unsettled sleep.

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Bubba BlueBaby Gifts, Manchester & More!

The delightful Bubba Blue is designed right here in Australia with there latest pyjama design being Moo Moo design available in Blue for boys and Pink for girls also available matching blankets, sheet sets and towels.

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Australian owned and operated, Bubbaroo was established by a Mum after she couldn’t find any safe sleeping garments that her little one couldn’t wriggle out of during the night. Waking up cold meant many sleepless nights for both Mother and Baby, which lead to the creation of the truly unique Joey Pouch Swaddling Bag a sleeping bag that swaddles.

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The convenient, comfortable baby sling that’s not just a sling, it’s a statement. Australian made from 100% cotton, the Bubzilla Sling give you hands free convenience without ever compromising the safety or comfort of your baby.
Research shows that the experience of carrying a baby in a sling is excellent for bonding and increases babies sense of emotional safety, proven to reduce crying, wind, and colic by stimulating circulation promoting respiratory function and digestion.

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